Hand Crafted Pedals for Sale

After several years of design and research, I've finally decided to bring out an effects pedal line. They've been designed to be high quality boutique, visually appealing designs, with the artwork being produced by local Sheffield artists. The exclusive designs are limited to runs of ten which can be purchased from my shop page via a secure shopping cart check-out. More info. (which scrolls down) is also available to the right of this page.

Sound clips can be heard on YouTube by clicking on the links below.

Aitken Audio Ill Gotten Gains Pedal. My take on a harmonic perculator circuit made - famous by Steve Albini.

Aitken Audio Bear Pedal The Bear is an original overdrive design with its roots in the Proco Rat circuit. It provides supreme depth and versatility with its array of controls.

Purrfect pedals